Proven 3 Step Formula For Breakthrough In Any Area Of Life

published on 08 January 2024

Change your strategy, change your results.

Change your story, change your life.

Change your state, change it all.

- Tony Robbins

Quotes are great. You can interpret them as you like and customise them to your environment.

I use this 3 step formula to come out of my annual funk each year.


Ever seen someone in a constant state of happiness or laser focused? It’s not possible, even if it was you wouldn’t want to be like that. People will think you’re ON something.

You don’t want to be stuck in the other extreme either. A state of dullness, nagging, laziness and no focus is a speedy downward spiral.

No matter your past achievements or future goals we all need to pause.

I go into a state of hibernation after my annual trek around September - October till the end of the year. You can’t make me run a kilometre even if you paid me.

How do you start, restart?

If I wait for motivation to arrive, good luck.

No one is coming to save me, I have to save myself from drowning.

The way I restart is my changing the story. By constructing a new narrative for my mind.


My narrative till end of 2023 was -

> I’ve trained for 8 months to climb Island Peak so I deserve a break.

> It’s Diwali / Birthday / Christmas / NY let’s drown in gluttony and alcohol. Merry, Merry!

> The mind was a slave for most of the year let it do what it pleases for a while.

Imagine a fast pace bowler during offseason. No training, diet or restrictions.

I need a new narrative to come out of this self made comfortable pit of destruction.

Here’s a list of messages the legendary golfer Tiger Woods printed on a piece of paper and pasted on his bedroom wall.

I believe in me.

I own my destiny.

I smile at obstacles.

I stick to it. Easily. Naturally.

My will moves mountains.

I focus and give it my all.

In order to be great you have to be good and for that you have to start. The way you start is by feeding words to your mind.

Carefully chosen words, deliberately uttered at specific times of the day.

Here’s my narrative for 2024 -

‘Akhil, 2024 is your breakthrough year. Find hard things to do and finish them. Do things that don’t look promising or scalable because others will ignore them too. Be an example for your son. Assume accountability for not just your actions but for everyone who depends on you - family, employees, community. You have the blessings of your Guru, don’t let yourself down.’

Imagine reading this every morning and night. Do you think I will stop if I run into a brick wall?


Most people start here and fail. Putting together a strategy is easy if you have spent time in moving to a positive frame of mind and are regularly feeding it with nutritious words.

The best strategy works backwards from your goal and has a deadline.

I set four goals every year. One for family, business, personal health and a side project I am working on. Example -

Project Goal - Build a trekking gear rental business and take it to 2 lakh INR monthly revenue by December 31, 2024.

Strategy -

> Identify 5 locations where most treks start from and have physical stock available

> Tie-up with 5 trek operators

> Build a strong brand storyline and social media presence

As long as I can avoid distractions such as logo design, online store colours, business cards and hit these three metrics I will reach my goal.

Use this process to improve every part of life you are struggling with.

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