Hi! I'm Akhil. I help you explore and discover new adventures.

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Would you like to learn dozens of little-known principles and techniques used by elite athletes? If yes, this newsletter is for you. 

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Akhil Dua

Praise For The Newsletter

  • Loving the Trek Library newsletter. Outdoors and fitness is something that truly resonates with me personally and it's a great theme for deep conversations. Proud of you my boy!

    Nikesh Mor, Hong Kong
  • Wow Akhil, it was such an exciting read!!

    To be very honest, at first, I thought it to be just like any other newsletter, sharing rosy pictures of a trek, boasting about the so-called "adventure" these days people are fond of showing on social media, etc.

    Your newsletter shared some really insightful content that is actually going to help someone. 

    Gaurav Chaudhary, Jaipur
  • This is really good! I really liked the way you slowly grasped the readers attention. Its good you put in the real stories and also the snapshot of the discussion you had as part of your research.

    Aditi Hamand, Hyderabad
  • A very detailed analysis and a good coverage experience. It's indeed inspiring.

    Ujwala Kadam, Pune

Search for your next trek based on number of days on hand, difficulty level, months, distance. Geek away.. 

Short Videos

  • Screenshot 20230131 105809 261~2
  • Chaddha Ji

    Aman Singh Chaddha aka Chaddhaji is an extra healthy Punjabi from Delhi who runs a lingerie shop. A self proclaimed expert trekker, he brings his over the top Dilli confidence to every trek.

  • Img 20230322 160440005
  • TrekWaleBaba

    An ex mountaineer, Trek Wale Baba had to turn around on Everest due to heavy traffic on summit day. He now drowns himself in alcohol but still tries to help trekkers with their queries.    

  • Things not to bring
  • Trek Humor

    A collection of funny videos on experiences trekkers get in the mountains.

It's good to have you here

Hello Adventurer!

I'm Akhil Dua, founder of Trek Library. A hotelier by profession and mountaineer by passion. 

Like many, I get to be in the mountains for 15 days in a year and dream about them rest of the 350 days. 

In 2022 I started making short funny videos to entertain my trekking friends. I had no idea then that I would want to create content professionally! 

Trek Library's mission is to give you tools to make you a better trekker and mountaineer. 

Keep exploring!

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