Nag Tibba Trek Guide

published on 10 April 2023
Trekkers enjoying a trek
Trekkers enjoying a trek

What if I told you that there is a Himalayan trek you can do without asking your boss for a leave?

The lack of oxygen has not affected my brains yet, I’m serious.

This is a dream itinerary. Leave home on Friday for Dehradun, travel to Pantwari village on Saturday and do a short 5 km hike. Sunday morning, trek all the way up to Nag Tibba peak from where you can witness panoramic views of Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Srikantha, Gangotri and Kedarnath. Pack up, drive back to Dehradun in evening!

Nag Tibba is the perfect definition of a weekend trek. Sasta, sundar, tikau.

On Monday morning when your colleagues ask you “Hey, whatsup?”

You can reply “9800 ft. That’s what's up!”

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Where is Nag Tibba?

Nag Tibba is a short 16 km weekend trail, located near the beautiful hill station Mussoorie in the state of Uttaranchal. Land of Gods! It is the highest peak of the Garhwal Himalayas and local villagers pray to the mountain to protect their cattle from snake bites.

Nag = Snake, Tibba = Hill.

How To Reach

How to reach Nag Tibba?

The trek begins from Pantwari village.

Dilli walo ki toh aish hai! Apni gaddi nikalo, 7 ghante mein Pantwa

For less fortunate souls, Dehradun / Mussoorie is where we need to reach.

If you are going with a trek operator they will arrange for a pick up.

There is no direct public transport to Pantwari village. If you’re doing the trek by yourself, you have some adventure ahead of you. Thoda ghumte firte jaana hai dost.

Location of Pantwari Uttarakhand
Location of Pantwari Uttarakhand


Step 1) Take a bus from bus stop near Dehradun Railway Station to Nainbagh. If you’ve reached Mussoorie you can catch a bus to Nainbagh from Library end or Picture Palace end.

Dehradun - Nainbagh : 85 km, 3 hours, 150/-

Mussoorie - Nainbagh : 40 km, 1 hour 30 minutes, 100/-

Step 2) From Nainbagh you will take a shared taxi till Pantwari which is 15 km away, will get you there in an hour and cost 100/-.

Shared Taxi

Call Mr. Surendar 9760456075 he runs shared taxis from Dehradun to Pantwari. He charges 400/- per person and you can either catch a taxi at around 5:30 am or at 7:00 am. Discuss your plans with him a few days before reaching Dehradun.

Mr. Suresh 9456172822 also runs shared taxis and charged 350/-. His taxi leaves at 7:00 am and gets you to Pantwari at 11:00 am.

Private taxi

Mr Surendar 9760456075 can also provide you with a personal vehicle which will cost you 7000/-.

Let em know who sent you!

When To Go

Which months can you trek? What weather to expect in those months? 

The trek is accessible most of the year and it depends what you are looking for.

If you want to get away from the summer heat, May & June are great. The trek feels bring and easy. If you have kids and have been thinking about introducing them to the mountains, this would be a great way to utilise their vacations.

Post monsoon months of September, October and November are considered to be the best time to do Nag Tibba trek. The sky is crystal clear, leaves are changing colors and the trek is a delight.

Many trekkers wait for the winters to do this trek to experience snow. If you’ve never been on a snow trek, do the Nag Tibba in December, January or February as it offers the right amount of exposure to snow. After a few days in the snow, I get bored of the constant whiteness. Ek din kaafi hai boss!

In Spring, trekkers can enjoy rhododendron flowers blooming from mid March till end of April.

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Difficulty level

If you haven’t done your preparation and try to wing-it, any trek is difficult. But, if you’ve done your homework - know when to go, what gear to take, where to pitch your tents then you will enjoy the trek.

Hiring a trek operator makes life easy because you don’t have to worry about camping gear, cooking, sourcing water and losing your way on the trail.

Some people find solo trekking to be more adventurous. More power to you!

This is a perfect trek for beginners to get introduced to trekking. It has nice gradual climb with a steep push to the top. Experienced trekkers can challenge themself by finishing it in a day instead of two.

Day-wise Itinerary

[Elevation Gain Map]

The total length of the trek from Pantwari village to summit and back is around 16 kms.


Beginners should cover this distance over a period of 2 days.

You can hire a local guide from the village to assist you. Details ahead. If you’re in a group, I recommend you hire a pony to carry your food supplies.

Day 1) Trek from Pantwari to Khatian (5 km, 5 hours)

Altitude gain: 4560 ft - 7500 ft

The initial 2 km route is cement road taking you through the village market and then turns into a rocky trail with loose stones. The next 1.5 km you walk on a narrow shepherd’s trail with frequent ups and downs. Take short breaks, enjoy the view, sip your water. The last leg of day’s trek is a short 1 km through oak and rhododendron trees that takes you to Khatian.

You have reached your campsite.

Or, you can walk another 2 km to reach Nag Tibba base camp where the famous Nag Temple is and pitch your tents there.

Day 2) Trek from Khatian to Nag Tibba Peak and back to Pantwari (11 km, 6 hours)

Altitude gain: 7500 ft - 9900 ft

Long day! Start early and you can comfortably reach the base camp that is 2 km within an hour. Nag Tibba summit is 1 km from this point but this is also the most challenging part of the trek as it involves a combination of 4 steep climbs through the forest. This should take you another hour to hour and a half to cover.

The summit has a white ‘jhandi’ to signify the highest point. Congratulations! You have reached a high altitude peak. Enjoy the grand views, early lunch, drink your water.

Time to head back down to Pantwari using the same route you came up. The downhill trek should take you 3 hours.

Experienced trekkers

Start early in the morning, head up from Pantwari village to Nag Tibba base camp, enjoy lunch, do a quick push to the top and be back in Pantwari by late afternoon.

Gear & Supplies

If you hire a trek operator they will take care of your camping supplies, trek guide, food and sourcing water. You worry about your own gear, snacks and medicines.

Gear List (coming soon)

Medicine List (coming soon)

Snack Ideas (coming soon)

If you plan to go on a solo trek and spend a night, you need to carry camping gear and cooking equipment.

Important Local Contacts

Homestay Nag Tibba - a farmer family runs this homestay on a remote mountain few kms from Pantwari. I spoke to the owner Manu 9548063704 who mentioned that packages are around 2000/- per person which includes stay, three meals and a local guide to accompany you on the Nag Tibba trek. Sweet deal! Mr Rahul is the manager at the homestay, 8210892560. Give my reference - Akhil Dua (Nagpur).

For a more luxurious experience you can book a cottage at The Goat Village built using an ancestral architecture technic called ‘Koti Banal’ that is indigenous to Garhwal Himalayas. 

There are very good reviews of a local trek operator called Nag Tibba Trekking & Tent Center run by Mr. Sanjay Chauhan, 9557644811.

For local guides or general help you can call Mr. Virendra Panwar. 7500488866. Let him know who sent you!

Dr. Joshi is the only doctor in Pantwari village. I have been unable to find his contact number. If you do get a hold of him, please send me his number so it can be helpful to others.

I recommend you figure out how much cash you will need for your trip and arrange it before you leave home. In case you forget and are in need of an ATM - here’s your options when going from Dehradun to Pantwari.

Map showing ATM options on the way from Dehradun to Pantwari
Map showing ATM options on the way from Dehradun to Pantwari

Make sure you save these phone numbers in your phone before you leave home.

What else to do

1. Order the amazing mutton thali at Desi Chulha, Dehradun. The restaurant is on the outskirts of the city on the way to Mussoorie. Call Sonu 9638965555

2. Shop for trekking gear at Decathlon, Dehradun 

3. Kids will definitely enjoy a trip to the Dehradun Zoo 

4. Rhododendron juice is extremely healthy. Locals call it - Buransh. Try and get a hold of it when you are in the mountains.

5. Mussoorie is one of the most beautiful hill stations in our country. If you have spare time spend it there. Here's an extensive guide on Mussoorie.

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