Transform Your Travel Game | 10 Mind-Blowing Hacks You Need to Try

published on 04 May 2023
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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Travel should bring peace and happiness. Not create anxiety. Over the years I have taken countless flights as a consultant and then as a trekker. These are my travel secrets - 

1. Put a "want to go" flag on your Google Maps. Restaurants, landmarks, museums - anytime i am researching a place or get a recommendation I quickly add it in Google Maps. If I find myself wandering in my destination or have time on my hand, I open the app to check which green flags are close by.

2. In your favourite note taking app or excel create templates for packing lists. Ex - Weekend Trek Packing List, Beach Holiday Packing List. After you come back from your trip, edit and remove items that you did not use. 

3. Print your paperwork. Keep a file handy with airline tickets, hotel reservations, insurance documents. Yes, everything is on the phone nowadays but phones get lost and stolen every second. You won't need it 9/10 times but that one time will ruin your trip.

4. Pre-download Google Maps of the area you're going to. This comes very handy when you reach a destination and don't have reliable mobile service.

5. Keep a change of clothes and flip flops in your carry on. Airlines are always losing bags.

6. Carry a foldable separate bag for laundry. I carry it even on day trips to segregate if my sneakers get dirty or have unclean clothes.

7. Unscrew bottle caps, put on a plastic bag or wrapper, screw cap back on. Shampoos, conditioner, toothpastes end up leaking during transit. 

8. Carry multi-colored packing bags / cubes. Why? Well one to organise your stuff but more importantly to easily know what's inside and for quick reach. On a trek in the mountains, all you have is a small flashlight and this hack saves a lot of trouble.

9. Give yourself a complete day at home after you come back from your trip. Decompress.

10. Avoid drinking before and during flight. Don't follow the latest trend of drinking and pissing on passengers. 


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