'Heal The Himalayas' Referral Program

We should hand over The Himalayas to China. They will gladly take good care of them. 

The situation of our beloved Himalayan range is pathetic. Basecamps are filled with human feces, litter is oozing out of precious glaciers. Most of the time, these galciers are the only source of water for villages and towns downstream. Small children drink this water everyday.

Climate change is melting glaciers and litter that was burried in them for decades is making its way up, making it's way down and entering huamn bodies.  

This is not a nightmare, it is happening in real life! My personal favourite peak, Stok Kangri has been shut down since 2019 because of environmental concerns. Chadar trek might face similar consequences. 

We can ignore the problem, hoping someone else will find a solution and things will be alright again. Deep down inside, I know that you know, protecting the Himalayas is our collective responsibility. 

But it's unrealistic to take time off from work and family to go clean up the mountains. It's not that you don't want to give a hand, it's just...right?

Our brand ambassador program helps solve the problem. For every new subscriber that comes through you, we donate 100/- towards removing garbage from the mountains. 

We have partnered with Waste Warriors , an NGO that has been actively removing garbage from the mountains. Donations that you will help raise will go straight to making the health of our dear mountains ranges better.

Imagine helping clean mountains from your cubicle simply by asking your nature loving colleagues, friends, cousins or neighbors to subscribe. Does that sound good or what?

As a Trek Library Brand Ambassador, you will get first access and discounts to all future courses, products and services. You will also get TL branded swag to jazz up your workplace.

Email me for full details: akhil@treklibrary.com