Truth Bombs For The Modern Trekker

published on 27 February 2024

People are searching for passion. Doesn't work that way. 

You start with something you suck at. Keep doing it till you get better and end up loving it. Passion. But you start at zero.

On your journey as a trekker, I want you to remember these 5 things.

Let's go!


Everest isn't just a mountain, it's a mindset.
In a world where most of us only show our successful side, it's easy to feel overshadowed.


Do your own thing. Don't let someone else's success get in the way of what you want to do. You don't know their story.

Get in the habit of finding at-least one Everest every year to tackle. When you become the type of person who finds challenges and gets through them, life rewards you.


It's easy to get carried away in the mountains. You're high on life. Views are spectacular, air is crisp.

You think you can conquer the world. You should.

But, not at the cost of risking your life. Pay attention to your body. It will honestly tell you if it can endure more or not. Ignore the mind.


Voluntary pain is a gift. It prepares you for when life wacks you with a bag of bricks. Sooner or later, we all get wacked.

Those summit nights when you walk for 16 hours on a cold mountain are a blessing. It reminds you what a beast you are. That you're not built average. 

Embrace that pain. Pain is a reminder.


Before you begin training, take a week or so to get in the right frame of mind. You're not getting ready to run a marathon which will be over in 4 hours. You're getting ready for a long battle.

If you don't train like you are possessed, you will struggle in the mountains. 


Even the elite trekkers and mountaineers who inspire you, struggle. 

What they have figured out is to break things down into smaller chunks and get through one chunk at a time.

One more footstep, one more km, one more day...

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